Choosing A Printer:

When choosing a printer, consider their experience, reputation, and commitment to quality, service and sustainability.  Is price an issue?  Yes, but not the most important issue.  A printer who is detail oriented, has expertise with today’s digital software, and good knowledge of the printing process can produce a much better value.

 A good knowledgeable staff can guide you with paper and ink selections, can recommend a cost-effective approach to produce your project in a sustainable manner.  Do they deliver on time? Are you feel comfortable working with their staff?  

Many printers offer a full range of services.  Determine your specific needs, and select a printer who is ready to meet those needs.

Many printers say they produced the highest quality. Quality is often an overused and vague word.  Look at  samples of printed products that are similar to yours.  Do they have the equipment and technology necessary to produce project.

Never choose a printer based exclusively on price. To produce a quality product, it requires people who take pride in their work, and a commitment to sustainability.  The lowest price is not always the best value.